Smell Gas? Act Fast! It's best to be safe: If you smell gas right now—don't touch or turn off your computer leave the area! After you go some place away from the odor, call 9-1-1.
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List of Operators

List of Operators

customer service and emergency phone number: 410-685-0123

Easton Utilities
main number: 410-822-6110

Chesapeake Utilities Corporation,
customer service and emergency numbers:
1) New Castle, Delaware: 800-427-2883
2) Kent County, Delaware (including Milford): 302-734-6700
3) Sussex County, Delaware (excluding Milford): 800-427-0015
4) All of Maryland: 800-427-0015

Sharp Energy
1) Easton, MD: 410-822-8567
2) Pocomoke City, MD: 410-957-1201
3) Salisbury, MD: 410-749-4147

PPL Gas Utilities
customer service: 800-342-5775
emergency: 800-652-0550

Washington Gas
customer service: 703-750-1000
natural gas leaks/emergencies: 703-750-1400 or 911
In Fredrick County, MD:
customer service:301-662-2151
natural gas leaks/emergencies: 301-662-2151 or 911

Elkton Gas Service
customer service: 866-281-6483
emergency: 866-281-6774

Eastern Shore Gas Company
customer service and emergency number: 410-524-7060

Nisource (Columbia Gas of Maryland),
customer service and emergency number: 888-460-4332

Thompson Distribution Inc.
customer service and emergency numbers: