Smell Gas? Act Fast! It's best to be safe: If you smell gas right now—don't touch or turn off your computer leave the area! After you go some place away from the odor, call 9-1-1.


If you EVER smell gas in the air, remember: Smell Gas? Act Fast! It sounds funny but it could keep you and your friends and family safe. So don’t delay—get away.

  • Don’t look for the leak.
  • Don’t use or touch anything electrical.
  • Don’t even use a cell phone.
  • Leave the area immediately then call your gas provider.

Become a Gas Safety Sleuth with these Cool Activities

Although you can’t see it, natural gas is all around you. Put your investigative skills to the test with these cool activities!

Teach Smell Gas? Act Fast! to Your Family Too

It will only take a few minutes to explain what you’ve learned, and besides, everyone should know what to do if there ever is a gas leak at home, school, or wherever life may take you!