Smell Gas Act Fast! Suspect a gas leak right now? Don't touch or turn off your computer— walk away. When you clear the area call 9-1-1


Learn more about safe digging—and share the knowledge with others—with the free materials made possible by our members and national associations.

“Dig Smart” Training Video for Professional Excavators

BGE's "Dig Smart" training DVD details the processes and procedures to follow before, during and after digging. This award-winning Damage Prevention training DVD, shown during BGE Damage Prevention Training Sessions, is also endorsed by other organizations as an effective way to help prevent damages and accidents. Watch the trailer online, then order a full-length version (12:30 minutes) by calling 410.470.6698. The DVD is available in English and Spanish.

Damage Prevention Fact Sheets

Washington Gas has two safe digging fact sheets available for FREE download, 811: Call Before You Dig and Pipeline Safety: Transmission & Distribution Lines, as well as several free fact sheets on natural gas safety.

Your official resource for all things 811! Visit this website for detailed information on how 811 works, when to call, answers to your digging FAQs and more.


Natural Gas Pipeline Safety Brochure

It’s important for everyone who lives and works near natural gas transmission pipelines to know basic safety information. As part of its Pipeline Integrity Program, BGE has created this free brochure to educate you on how to identify a pipeline problem and what to do if a problem occurs.